Technology infrastructure trends are constantly evolving as our knowledge of new applications improves. And with all of the resources we have available today, it’s easy to see how in 2020, we’re starting to speed up the growth of such technology infrastructures. In a society that’s experiencing the quick progression of technology, it’s crucial that businesses and individuals keep themselves informed and up-to-date on all the latest industry specific news. Not only will this help keep you well-informed, but it also gives you the opportunity to contribute to and use applications that can increase your productivity, provide better communication, and so much more. So, take a look below at some of the networking trends you can expect to see throughout 2020. 

Wireless Technology/Networks 

Wireless networks are at the top of the list for technology infrastructure trends of 2020. With the advancements of Wi-Fi 6 and 5G, it’s been predicted that more and more people will begin to use these enhanced wireless networks in the coming year. Smartphones from top manufacturers such as Apple and Samsung are now Wi-Fi 6 enabled and their access points are being shipped to businesses and consumers alike. And 5G phones, though not yet widely available, will also start to emerge as the latest and greatest product in cell-phone technology for consumers. 

The latest Wi-Fi 6 and 5G networks are projected to enhance user experience and improve how people use Wi-Fi networks. For example, Wi-Fi networks are expected to be easier to join because the advanced technology allows users to seamlessly move between wireless networks and LTE functions without interruption. The hope is that 5G and Wi-Fi 6 networks will be faster, more secure, and simple to use.

Artificial Intelligence

Another technology trend you can expect to see more of in 2020 is the introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in common applications. AI is mostly used by businesses to improve customer experiences and to streamline several business operations. As of now, the AI technology infrastructure trend can be very costly for businesses to deploy. However, we should start to see more businesses adopting AI-based systems throughout 2020. Most AI applications will continue to be used by providers of “as-a-service” platforms such as Amazon and Microsoft, which will allow us to input our own data and pay for the algorithms and resources as we use them. As the year goes on, we should also see a growing number of providers that will be offering tailored applications and services for more specialized tasks. 

Autonomous Travel

Autonomous driving, led by self-driving vehicles, is projected to continue to generate a lot of excitement for the transportation industry. This technology infrastructure trend is expected to branch out from the original self-driving car to also include autonomous trucking and shipping. Not only does this technology impact the way we as citizens travel to and from work or home, but it will also improve our national and global transportation methods in a significant way. However, there is a much higher risk that comes with autonomous travel. This will garner attention from legislators and higher authorities regarding various laws, existing infrastructure, and social attitudes towards such a monumental change.

Computer Vision

Computer vision refers to the systems that are capable of identifying items, places, objects, or people with visual images which are collected using a camera or sensor. This technology is what powers applications like facial recognition on laptops and smartphones and Google’s Image Search. Now however, we’re going to start seeing computer vision used in wider applications. For example, autonomous cars will use computer vision technology to see what’s around them. This will help self-driving cars stay in their appropriate lane, avoid collisions with other vehicles, and much more. Another example of computer vision you can expect to see in 2020 is in production lines which will better determine defective products and equipment failures. Lastly, there’s also ambition that security cameras will be able to alert users of strange occurrences without round-the-clock monitoring.   

Blockchain Technology 

Blockchain technology isn’t new, but it will become more prominent in 2020. Essentially, blockchain technology is a distributed ledger that is used to record online transactions. Because of its encrypted and decentralized characteristic, this technology is considered to be quite secure. With continued investments made by companies like FedEx, IBM, and MasterCard, blockchain technology is predicted to grow rapidly and provide impressive results to its users.  

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