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The New Samsung Sero TV

What is it?

DataComm Nevada is a network cabling company that specializes in home theater system installations and audiovisual solutions so it’s necessary for us to stay up to date with all the new advances in technology. There is one theater system that’s particularly popular right now: the Samsung Sero TV. The 43 inch, quantum dot, QLED TV is similar to the Serif and Frame televisions by Samsung, but this one comes with a twist. The Sero TV can be turned 90 degrees allowing you to watch videos from sites like Instagram and Snapchat in their original vertical configurations.

Samsung’s Design

The design comes from research conducted directly by Samsung. They studied the preferences and tastes of millennials – because of their frequent mobile phone usage – to create a design that is functional for our generation. The device works as a regular television when it’s in horizontal mode. In vertical mode, you can sync your phone by pairing it over NFC to view the content directly from your mobile device. Samsung wanted to create a unique product that reflects the interests of consumers. Giving customers the ability to sync their phone to their television, opens doors to the world of technology.


The most apparent advantage of Sero TV is that you can watch videos from social media sites just as you would on your mobile phone, but now everyone is able to watch along. The Sero TV is also designed for accurately displaying photos and can optimize your online shopping experience.

Unfortunately, this device is only available in Korea for now, but Samsung plans on reviewing global launch plans after the initial launch in Korea.

Home Theater System Installation Services

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